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Community Engagement

O-H Community Partners has its roots in Chicago.  We are a certified woman owned and minority owned business with experience working with government entities and community groups and organizations of all sizes and levels of sophistication. We bring expertise in understanding and working with local government officials and civic leaders. We provide insight into both the articulated and unarticulated needs of any community. We have an economic development consulting background as well as experience in diversity and inclusion. This expertise informs our work in the community engagement space. This experience provides a foundation to create a rigorous community engagement process for any project.

OHcp’s community engagement process
includes the following components:

  • Key stakeholder involvement throughout the process

  • An approach which seeks both a diversity of views as well as making sure the community engagement process is both representative of the community and inclusive

  • Continuous communication throughout the process

  • Professional presentations and facilitations designed to advance the discussion and build consensus

  • Various types of outreach (e.g., social media, electronic media, flyers, public service announcements, press releases, etc.)

  • A multicultural lens to all aspects of the planning process