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Strategy Consulting Services

O-H Community Partners provides high-impact, comprehensive strategy and implementation consulting services to foundations, government agencies, non-profits, and financial institutions that are seeking transformational and sustainable results. In addition, we provide advisory services to clients interested in designing and implementing double or triple bottom line (i.e., social, economic, and environmental returns) grant-making and investment strategies. We provide training to small businesses and organizations on the topics outlined below.

We have worked with a wide range of public and private sector organizations to realign their strategy and operations with their mission in ways that energize their leadership and staff, attract new resources and stakeholders, and improve their long-term viability and effectiveness.

OHcp’s strategy consulting services
include the following components:


Grassroots, start-up, and adolescent to mature—we work diligently with our clients to design and equip organizations with the knowledge, strategies, resources, and systems needed to build effective, inclusive and sustaining institutions.


We work with clients to develop robust business plans that reflect the best thinking; survive “real world” market testing; attract leading management teams; incorporate realistic financial assumptions; and raise significant private and public sector financing.


We assist our clients in developing short and long-term plans that help them set direction and create a blueprint for the changes that they seek to make. As part of the planning process, OHcp conducts sector-specific analysis and organizational assessments. 


We assist our clients in understanding their unique strengths and assets while working with them to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations around capability gaps. We work to facilitate results-driven partnership structures that have fluid production, delivery and communication systems.


Our work typically includes message development, outreach, education, awareness building, and advocacy. We employ a highly diverse network of channels to implement any communication program, including traditional print and broadcast media, social networking and digital media, and working with grassroots community organizations.


O-H Community Partners works with clients to manage program operations, administration, quality control, communication, risk management, and/or reporting. We develop and manage program budgets and timelines in order to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.