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Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

O-H Community Partners has significant professional and personal experience leading, consulting to, serving on the boards, and working as staff or volunteers of foundations and not-for-profit organizations. We recognize that foundations and not-for-profits are mission driven and seek to align their programs, services, and operations with their charitable goals.

Diversity and inclusion can be a particular challenge in this field because societal change objectives are often thought to automatically incorporate diversity and inclusion. The reality is that diversity and inclusion is often overlooked or under emphasized in the philanthropic and non-for-profit sector. O-H Community Partners brings its expertise and direct experience in this field to offer the following list of services that are customized for foundations and not-for-profit organizations:

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Services to
Corporations / Not-for-Profits and Executive Teams


The assessment process is achieved using a combination of an electronic survey, focus groups and individual interviews with key members of your organization. We conduct the assessment to gather data regarding diversity and inclusion within the workplace. This data serves as the foundation for future action.


Using information from internal and external assessments, we work with our clients to create multi-year strategic plans designed to move the board, workforce, supplier community, grantees, and/or investment portfolio toward improved diversity and inclusion practices and performance.

icon_manAffinity Group

Affinity group development is a highly effective inclusion strategy which creates a feeling of critical mass among diverse groups who are small in number and often spread throughout multiple locations. We work to establish, activate, and/or restructure affinity group programs to meet client needs.

Program Design

Creating a mentoring culture is a way to increase retention and develop a pipeline of diverse leaders. OHcp designs formal mentoring programs customized to client needs and recommends and provides training to both mentors and mentees.


We conduct small interactive workshops designed to increase diversity and inclusion awareness and educate individuals and organizations about how to communicate across lines of difference.


We provide one on one coaching to board members and senior management interested in increasing their multi-cultural competencies and implementing particular aspects of the organization’s diversity and inclusion strategic plan.

icon_personIndependent Monitoring
& Compliance

We provide independent oversight for organizations and projects seeking accountability and support in achieving their diversity and other compliance goals.

icon_organizationSupplier/ Vendor
Diversity Initiative

Supplier Diversity is about using the purchasing power of your business to achieve your mission. The Supplier Diversity Initiative is an innovative forum that enables foundations to build a strong pipeline of diverse suppliers while promoting inclusion.

Talent Initiative

This initiative is an innovative forum that enables corporations to provide leadership opportunities for existing diverse employees and identify a diverse and inclusive talent pool.

OHcp teams with Jones Diversity Inc.

We provide a full array of diversity and inclusion consulting programs and services for foundations, not-for-profits, and government agencies.

We focus on both organizational solutions as well as the individual. We endeavor to assist organizations in engaging and maximizing the potential of diversity in all of its manifestations, including gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, and geography, among others.

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