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Brian Tell

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Brian Tell is a new business incubation consultant with specialized expertise in clean-tech, social enterprise, and regional economic development. He is an integrated big picture/small detail conceptualist with a unique set of private- and social-sector skills, and who is adept at implementing and managing complex projects involving multiple stakeholders.

Brian has 18 years’ experience assisting private- and social-sector enterprises with strategic planning, business modeling, fund development strategy, and execution including serving as Director of Business Development for Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) from 2005-2007. While with CSW, he played a leadership role in assisting the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth to develop an innovative portfolio of state-wide entrepreneurship programs. He was the senior project manager guiding a Midwest region (North Central Indiana) through a comprehensive regional transformation strategy which was awarded $15M in federal WIRED funds to support its implementation. And he was the project manager for three-state (Michigan, Ohio, Illinois) policy innovation network that aimed to incubate and accelerate effective state-level workforce development policies.

Over the past six years, he has assisted a range of clients including the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, RW Ventures (Chicago), Warm Training Center (Detroit), Nebraska Community Foundation, Innovation Network for Communities (national), and the Boston Green Ribbon Commission, with regional economic development projects and the development of triple-bottom line social enterprises.